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HITN and our education experts have chosen these web sites to share with you because:


  1. They have been designed for the parents of bilingual children and
  2. The sites have excellent information.

We hope they will be of enormous help to you.

Common Sense Media and Common Sense Latino

This free site has thorough reviews for parents and students about what books, movies, apps and games are appropriate for any given age group under 18:

  • You sign up as a member for free in either English or Spanish, and then search for the media that your child is interested in
  • Or you can read the reviews that are on the home screen and decide if those are interesting to and appropriate for your child.

The National Clearinghouse of English Language Acquisition

This government agency is building a toolkit for families of English learners.

  • The web site is not fully completed, but what is there is very helpful and you will find everything in English and in Spanish. Once you leave the home page, the links to reach the different sets of information are a little cramped, but when you look closely you will find a great deal of excellent information about helping your English learner thrive in any school system.

Colorín Colorado

A website for educators and families of English Language Learners. Topics include:

  • Help your child to read
  • Learning together at home
  • The preschool years
  • Schools and families: An important partnership
  • School Success
  • When Your Child Needs Extra Help
  • Raising Bilingual Kids
  • Technology at Home
  • Resources for Parents of Teens


A website for bilingual parents whose children have learning or attention issues. Topics include:

  • Learning and Attention Issues
  • School & Learning
  • Friends & Feelings

Sesame Parents Toolkits

A section of the Sesame Street Web site devoted to helping parents of young children. What’s there:

  • Spanish option for text and videos
  • Offers “toolkits” on topics like math, brain development, autism, asthma, reading and writing
  • Toolkits have printables, resource guides, videos, and some posters and/or milestone charts

Learning Heroes

A web site dedicated to helping parents help their children succeed in school. What’s there:

  • A collection of web sites that offer practical and useful information and videos


Their goal is to help parents get a great education for their children. Look for:

  • Milestones – a section of the site aimed at helping parents understand what their children should be able to do at each grade level
  • Spanish and English versions of each page
  • Worksheets for grades PreK through 5

PBS Parents

This site offers at-home activities for parents to do with their kids, TV show by TV show.

Coloring Book Fun

This web site offers:

  • Lots of very cool coloring pages for children, divided by age groups
  • Some are educational, and some are just fun
  • Coloring pages for adults too

Bedtime Math

Download one of their apps and have fun doing math with your child every night before bed! The web site is mainly a place to learn about what they do. The action is in their apps.

Nickelodeon for Parents

Nick offers program-related activities and games.

Zero to Three

This organization offers a wealth of information for parents about their very young children. Look for:

  • Explore Our Topics
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • English and Spanish

Lectura Books

Purchase bilingual books for preschoolers, elementary school students, middle and high school students.

Gayle’s Preschool Rainbow

Here you will find:

  • Many and various activities for preschoolers including learning as well as crafts
  • A Resource Room with more in-depth activities which costs $20 per year


This site is available in English and in Spanish:

  • It is filled with animations about a variety of school subjects at a variety of grade levels.
  • Some content is free, but most needs to be purchased.

Khan Academy

This free site focuses on tutorials in math and the sciences, but some language arts and arts tutorials are available:

  • The tutorials are in English only
  • Math by grade is covered up until 8th grade, and after that by topic, e.g., geometry, trigonometry, etc.
  • You can sign up as a parent for your child, and then create an account for your child.

Adapted Mind offers grades K-6 Math and Reading help:

  • There is a one-month long Free Trial period and then you need to pay to be a member.
  • There are animated characters to help with the explanations.
  • Students take a pre-test to determine where to start.
  • There are plenty of games and animations
  • For $9.95 per month you can enroll up to 5 children.

Math Antics

This free site provides

  • Video lessons in Arithmetic, Fractions, Geometry, Percents, and Algebra basics
  • To access exercises, worksheets, examples, and answers, you can pay $20 for a year
  • So far, this site is only available in English.


IXL is a personalized learning program, offering Math (Grades PreK-12), Language Arts (Grades PreK-12), Science (Grades 2-8), and Social Studies (Grades 2-8).

  • You can choose to do one subject at a time for $9.95 per month or you can choose all the core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies) for $19.95 per month.
  • The lessons, practice, and quizzes are only in English.
  • They offer Spanish learning for all ages for $9.95 per month.