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What Your Child Will Learn:

  • That objects can be counted
  • To count 1-10 items, with one count per item
  • That the last item counted tells how many
  • How to read numerals 0-9
  • Number words 1-10

Tips for Helping Your Child with Counting

  • For three-year-old and younger children, limit your child to finding groups of 1-5 objects.
  • For early counters, the arrangement of objects is important. It’s easier for children to keep track of what they’ve counted if objects are lined up rather than scattered. Organize objects before counting.

Social and Emotional Development

Young children often have a short attention span. Help your child stay on task by asking questions about the games you play together and giving positive feedback when they are trying to engage with the different activities. Find ways to incorporate counting into everyday activities and turn learning into a game, like gently tossing items to your child as you count.

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