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Brooklyn, NYHITN’s VP for Children, Youth, and Digital Media Literacy, Ed Greene, was invited to attend the October Solutions Coach Training at Philadelphia’s Kensington High School, a participant in The No Bully School Partnership program. Kathryn Grey, Lead Trainer for the organization, extended the invitation at the suggestion of CEO Nicholas Carlisle.

Sarah Mello, a No Bully Solutions Coach Trainer, conducted the intensive one-day Solutions Coaches Training which is the centerpiece of No Bully’s signature anti- bullying program for schools.

Kensington High School’s participation in the No Bully School Partnership is underwritten by MLB organization and ESPN sponsorship.

The No Bully School Partnership program  includes an integrated series of leadership coaching sessions, teacher trainings and a parent workshop in how to implement the No Bully System® and sustain it long-term. A one-year, funded, partnership brings a participating school into alignment with state and federal anti-bullying mandates. It is viewed as an important investment in a school culture grounded in inclusivity and compassion.

No Bully is currently discussing HITN’s Amplifying Youth Voices Digital Storytelling Initiative and opportunities that might be mutually beneficial. HITN is examining the No Bully model to further develop its approach to monetizing and distributing the Digital Storytelling Initiative.

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