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Here we have a collection of flags from the Latino Hispanic countries in the Western Hemisphere.  Choose a country or ask your child to choose one, print out its flag, and ask your child to color it in. Or print them all out and see if your child can learn to recognize the flags without seeing the name of the country. Maybe they will want to do a little research on some of the countries.

While your children are coloring, you can ask them some of the following questions, depending upon their age:

  • What shapes do you see in this flag?
  • How many different shapes?
  • How many of each shape?
  • What color crayons do you need to color the flag?
  • How many different colors do you see?

Here are some questions for specific flags:

  • How many stars on the flag of Venezuela?
  • What animal is in the middle of the Mexican flag?
  • What is the motto of the Dominican Republic?
  • Which two country’s flags look most alike?

These questions will involve a little research:

  • Why is there a sunny face on the flag of Uruguay?
  • Why is there one star on the Puerto Rican flag?
  • Why are so many flags red, white, and blue?
  • Why is there one red star and one blue star on the flag of Panama?


Click on each button to download the flag